UPDATE: We met our $700K goal in March 2020! Thank you for believing in our team, our mission, and the importance of having a home for the WNDC family. April 2020 we moved into our new home!

As an organization, we are excited to announce that now is the time. We are ready to anchor ourselves and build a permanent location that will have the children we currently serve telling their grandchildren how they grew up at the West Nashville Dream Center on the corner of 39th Avenue and Delaware Avenue. That is the location of the warehouse and property we have secured a long-term lease contract to ensure our presence stays in the community. Above are the architectural plans for the facility we want to build, and we are very excited about what it will allow us to offer the community in years to come.

However, just like in the past six years, we can not do this without you.

Our building cost is just over $700,000.

We need to accrue enough capital donations and pledges over the next 18 months to be able to complete this building project. We want to finish this project debt-free so that we can put all our monthly finances towards our ministries. We know the value of the WNDC being anchored in the community is worth far more than any dollar sign, but we also realize that we’re asking you to make a sacrifice to partner with us in this venture. In return, we promise you complete transparency and wise stewardship of our resources throughout the process. 

*We met our $700K goal in March 2020! Thank you! Follow our socials @westnashdc for updates on our home and how you can be part of the dream.

TJ Fletcher, Executive Director