“You are not hidden, there’s never been a moment you were forgotten…I will send out an army in the middle of the night to rescue you.” -Lauren Daigle

No truer words can describe the people who make up the West Nashville Dream Center (WNDC). The moms, children, families, the broken hearts and the mended ones, the hopeless and the hopeful, the wounded souls– all of them, our people. The WNDC is a collection of both those who were forgotten and those called to be the army that comes for them.

On June 30, 2018, after five years at 4007 Delaware Avenue, we closed our doors and took the WNDC to the streets, literally. When our lease was no longer an option we had very few answers about what was next, but we knew that we were not leaving the neighborhood we had come to call home. At that time, we were feeding over 500 people per month, were on our way to feeding and ministering to 900 kids throughout the summer, had 15-20 teens involved in our student ministry, and 12 committed moms in our mom’s group working harder than ever to move forward in life. We knew we couldn’t leave the community because if we did, who would be the army for the people who had become family to us? As a staff, we sifted through each ministry and found a way to make it work without a building. Fast forward nine months later and we are now feeding nearly 2,000 people a month, and have grown from 25-30 people at one weekly Community Night to 65-70 people spread across three Community Nights. We have no explanation for the growth other than our commitment to stay anchored in the community; it truly opened the heavens and allowed God to pour out blessings only He could bring.

In April 2020 we moved into our new home. We also met our $700K fundraising goal. We are ready to ANCHOR.